Jobs at PNG University of Technology

 The Papua New Guinea University of Technology has several job positions. Qualified individuals within PNG and abroad can apply.

The following job positions are now available. Click on the links on each job title to access the job descriptions and the applications process and requirements. The closing dates are also stated. 

  1. Associate Professor in Mathematics
  2. Associate Professor in Computer Science
  3. Director of Teaching & Learning Methods Unit
  4. Professor in Power Electronics & Renewable Energy Systems
  5. Professor in Power Engineering
  6. Senior Lecturers in Computer Science
  7. Senior Lecturers in Mathematics
  8. Professor of Architecture & Construction Management
  9. Associate Professor of Architecture & Construction Management
  10. Senior Lecturer of Architecture & Construction Management
  11. Lecturer II of Architecture & Construction Management
  12. Lecturer in Electrical & Communications Engineering
  13. Lecturer in Mineral Processing Engineering
  14. Lecturer in Mining Engineering
  15. Lecturer in Geology
  16. Lecturers in Civil Engineering
  17. Lecturer in Agriculture Economics
  18. Environmental Chemist
  19. Terrestrial & Marine Biologist
  20. Technical Officer - Agriculture Technology
  21. Assistant Registrar - Organizational Development Officer

Click on the job titles above to view position descriptions.  And forward links to your contacts outside of the University who may be interested.
A reminder on the application guidelines:
  • No hard copies/Hand delivery of applications.
  • No late applications.  Strictly comply with closing dates.
  • Applications should be communicated only via the recruitment email in cc (and contained in the advert).
Avoid sending applications through to an individual member of the recruitment team.
*NB: Positions 12-21 are open to citizen applicants ONLY*.

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